Russ Colegrove Biography

Born on Cape Cod, living in Atlanta for the past 30 years, Russ' early start as a professional photographer gave way to another career as he applied his Mechanical Engineering degree and MBA to designing and constructing some of the world’s most powerful and sophisticated machines. He was awarded patents and published papers in several fields. But in this time, the inner vision of images that he might capture and create only lie dormant, not forgotten.

In 1999 a trip to Ireland proved to be a turning point and the path back to serious photography. A place of terrible beauty, Ireland can be a photographer’s dream location. From this came a rekindled spirit toward photography, and the start of the return to shooting professionally.

Russ’ work now leads him across the USA. from Florida to Alaska; California to Maine. He has spent many hours and days hiking the woods, mountains, coasts, canyons and river valleys of the Southeast, the Pacific Northwest, and the deserts of the American Southwest. He has focused on landscape photography but his creative eye has followed other areas of photography with a unique view of architecture and urbanscapes.

His stated goal is to "explore the light and color of a place thru photography; to present a moment as I saw and felt it".

For his fine art photography, Russ directly controls all aspects from processing, printing, to mounting and framing. Only the highest quality, museum grade, archival materials are used.

He now sells his work through the internet, commission work, and exhibits at fine arts festivals. He has been recognized with multiple awards at these festivals, and numerous corporate art collections in Atlanta, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Washington DC have invested in his work.